Mercury Bay Museum

11 Esplanade, Whitianga


The Coromandel Peninsula's most visited museum with exhibits about the Polynesian navigator Kupe, Maori artifacts, the Endeavour and James Cook, HMS Buffalo (sunk 1840), kauri timber and gum, the old dairy factory in which the museum is housed, early settlers' records and photographic collection, natural history displays and the History of Fishing display. Screening room featuring: "Twelve Days - Capt James Cook in Mercury Bay" (35 minutes).


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11 Esplanade, Whitianga

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This is why we are closed today!! #mercurybaymuseum #twelvedays1769 #Repost @mercuryrisingproject (@get_repost)
Why isn't Pluto a planet anymore? In 2006, to much public outrage, NASA reclassified Pluto to a dwarf planet. First found in 1930 and named for Hades, the god of the underworld, Pluto has always been the black sheep of our solar system. It is the only outer planet that isn't a gas giant and it's orbit is so eccentric it moves closer to the sun than Neptune sometimes. ⁠⠀
Eventually, multiple objects as large as Pluto started to be found far out in our solar system. Astronomers had to decide if they classify all these objects as planets or to simply reclassify Pluto. One of the beautiful things about science is how definitions can be altered in the light of new evidence and after heated debate, Pluto became a dwarf planet. ⁠⠀
What do you think, should Pluto still be a considered a planet? Tell us in the comments! #mercuryrising2019 #tuia250 ⁠⠀
-- ⁠⠀
#nasa #pluto #planets #space #astronomy There's colour on those walls!!! Not quite finished - the white stripe is going ;-) We will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday) and possibly Wednesday due to the construction of our new exhibit!! Sorry for the inconvenience but it will look amazing - we promise!! #mercurybaymuseum #twelvedays1769 Let the crazy month of our education programme commence!! #mercurybaymuseum #twelvedays1769 #littleshipbigminds #HMBEndeavour #Repost @mercuryrisingproject (@get_repost)
Another blog post up on our website! Learn about the history of planetary transits as we approach Mercury's transit this November. Link in our bio! #mercuryrising2019 -- #OnThisDay in 1840 HMS Buffalo is wrecked off the beach in Mercury Bay with the loss of 2 lives. Visit the museum to find out more! #mercurybaymuseum #hmsbuffalo The build has begun!!! #mercurybaymuseum #twelvedays1769 Exciting day for us today to be invited to be a part of Kahui Ako Community of Learning at Tairua School. Lovely day for it too #mercurybaymuseum